How to Prepare for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

08/01/2014 16:43

Often patients are confused about the things that they should take care of before going for minimally invasive spine surgery. Surgeons recommend that all those patients who have opted for this kind of surgery should not smoke or drink alcohol for at least twenty-four hours before the surgery. The time depends on the type of surgery as well as the recommendation of the physician. Consumption of Alcohol increases the depth of the anesthesia. It might even result in adverse effects on the medication that has been prescribed by the doctor.

Things to notify to the surgeon

All those patients who are going for minimally invasive spinal procedure should notify certain things to the Spinal Surgery San Antonio before the surgery. If the patients are takings aspirin or any medicines that contain aspirin, then they should inform the surgeon. This goes even for blood thinning medications and herbal supplements too. Generally, doctors ask patients to stop such medications before they perform the minimally invasive surgery on the patient.

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When should you cancel the surgery

If the patients develop fever, conditions of sore throat, running nose, symptoms of flu or even suffer from diarrhea within 2 days of the surgery, they can cancel it if they feel the need for the same. Under such conditions, patients should immediately inform the doctors regarding their condition.

On the day of the Surgery

Patients are recommended to take a bath on the morning of the surgery. They should refrain from carrying their valuables like credit cards, jewellery, money or checkbook to the operation room. All these instructions are given by the doctor before the surgery.